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The Fifth Wall Impact: How to Dress-Up Your Ceiling


We forget it’s there sometimes unless we put our heads back for a quick nap, but a ceiling is the most untapped opportunity for simple home renovations. Think about it for a second; when it comes to decorating a room, one of our main focuses lies with the walls.  We spend countless hours exploring different paint options and dressing the open spaces with art and other decorative items while this untapped, fully exposed portion of the room is completely ignored. Don’t you think that a smooth, plain white ceiling can get boring after a while?

Textured Ceilings Create a Fifth Wall Effect | Artexsys Inc.


A ceiling is present in every room of your home and can have a big impact on the space if you give it the right treatment. But what can you do with a ceiling other than giving it a fresh coat of paint and calling it a day? Well we would highly recommend considering textured ceilings, which act as the perfect accent to any room. Now before you get the wrong impression, we know what you may be thinking; textured ceilings; that’s like the ‘popcorn’ effect, right? Not entirely.


Textured ceilings from Artexsys Inc. are completely customizable to any pattern or color that you could imagine! Whether your living space exudes an all-natural, outdoorsy feel or a luxurious, Romanesque design, textured ceilings can be created to serve as a room’s fifth wall and to complete the overall look of its design.


There’s absolutely no excuse to live with plain, unexciting ceilings when you work so hard to create such beautiful home décor throughout the rest of your home. Allow Artexsys Inc. to show you what you’ve been missing all these years. Call us today and see how simple it is to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary!


(Posted by: Gregg Halonen of Artexsys Inc.)


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