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Textured Ceilings vs. Smooth Ceilings


Artexsys™ textured ceilings are eye-catchers for everyone who walks into a room. Whether installed in an elegant or funky living room, or used to jazz up a traditional dining room, Artexsys™ textured ceilings are beautiful and creative, making any space a unique one.Textured Ceilings vs. Smooth Ceilings | Artexsys Inc.


And unlike with smooth ceilings, where if there are any imperfections in your ceiling another coat of paint will only accentuate those rough spots and draw even more attention to them. Meanwhile Artexsys™ textured ceilings will hide most of those imperfections, even those that come after the fact, as they blend right into the ceiling art and they become virtually unnoticeable. Even with a fresh coat of paint on smooth ceiling, the smallest mark, bump, crack or defect will stand out like a sore thumb.


Over the last 50 years, most of the textured ceilings were what they called “popcorn ceilings”, “cottage cheese” or “acoustical texture”.  Some 30 years ago, the “knockdown” and “orange peel” textures were introduced and have since also become very dated. Now today, with Artexsys™ there are many different varieties from which to choose. And with Artexsys™ textured ceilings, unlike with a knock-down or orange peel texture, an Artexsys™ texture will effectively and decoratively cover up more imperfections than all other choices.


Artexsys™ textured ceilings are the perfect way to change the overall look of a room without completely redecorating the space. They can add style, beauty and an artistic flair to the décor of your home for much less than a remodeling project. Call Artexsys Inc. today to learn more!


(Posted by: Gregg Halonen of Artexsys Inc.)


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