Ceiling Contractor in Maple Grove MN

Give your home a beautiful, timeless motif with textured and patterning ceilings. Artexsys Inc represents specialized ceiling contractors serving Maple Grove, Minnesota, that create custom ceilings, patterns and textures to suit the décor of the home. Artexsys works with homes and businesses all over Maple Grove and all across Minnesota, creating distinctive, exceptional ceilings at every location.

Artexsys conducts a variety of custom ceilings, including a wide range of different textures, modern and classic patterns, and even custom three-dimensional murals. Ceiling patterns and textures complete your original décor and make the fine furnishings in each room part of an overarching motif. Artexsys brings back the elegant patterns that used to be seen in many distinguished homes and puts the fine detail back into every ceiling. Wheat, pine, leaf and English ivy patterns are ideal for homes with a country look and cabins with a rustic feel, while the tin press swirl, Victorian leaf, Tuscany fan and other fine details complement many classic English and Italian style motifs.

Visit the photo gallery to see a collection of the patterned ceilings in Maple Grove, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas. To restore classic ceilings in your home or create a new pattern or texture, contact Artexsys today.