Give yourself the most beautiful ceiling in the world

ARTEXSYS™ offers a simple way to make your home as beautiful and elegant as you dream it can be. Our artist-designed knockdown texture systems draw inspiration from patterns discovered in nature and history, allowing you to customize your living environment in harmony with your personal style.

There is virtually no other product available that offers the seamless, clean look of an ARTEXSYS™ ceiling texture. Our patterns are designed to flow beautifully within any space, in any shape. They are easy to paint and are as durable as the best commercial drywall. In the past craftsmanship was central to homebuilding in America. To this day, homes built before the mid-20th century are valued for their details—the design effects that stood the test of time and became “classic.” Our simple mission is to help people reintroduce classic craftsmanship into their homes, with a wide variety of drywall textures to match design preferences ranging from Old World to Modern.

The application system and every pattern we offer was custom designed by our company’s founder providing you with many gorgeous ceiling textures to choose from for your walls and ceilings. There simply are no comparable products available today to obtain these attractive finishes in as efficient a manner as ARTEXSYS™ provides for you. Take the first step toward creating the home you could only dream about before today.

ARTEXSYS™ ceiling texture
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